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We love creating wacky and precious moments for families and friends.


Our latest game, BitterSweet, is all about collecting chocolates you love and avoiding chocolates that you find yucky! Satisfy your sweet tooth as you reveal and take individually wrapped delights before others can snag a bite. But beware the chocolate-covered veggies!


Your goal is to score the most points by gathering chocolates! Each player has their own unique chocolate preferences which change from round to round. The more chocolates you have that you find delicious, the more points you earn!

Your game comes with 45 delicious chocolate cards to gobble up!

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Our launch game, Composition, is a character-driven word building game where players take the role of incredible Maestros, conducting performances to become the greatest composer of all!


Use three unique letter cards as the foundation of your word building to compose words that earn roses from the audience. Make words simultaneously with fellow players! Gain Ovations and Awards for your efforts, which are key to winning the game!

Your game comes with 11 unique maestros, tons of letter cards to use in your performances, and some dastardly tomatoes thrown by a rowdy audience that might change the pace of gameplay!

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