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BitterSweet fulfillment is wrapping up! What's next?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Hey all, we're finishing up the fulfillment from the BitterSweet Kickstarter and are hopping into our next game . . .

Lily Hop is a 2-4 player game where you play as frogs, trying to bring flies home! Don't worry, it's for a party. These frogs are definitely not eating the flies. Probably not.

The game is incredibly modular with an absurd number of different ways to play, thanks to a large variety of lily pads with special effects! At the start of each game, players will build a set of these lily pads, which have a direct influence on the player experience.

You'll build circles of lily pads at the start of the game, with opportunities to grow and shrink them, and even add more throughout the game experience! As you play, the available options you have will continue to increase (or sometimes decrease depending what lily pads are being used!).

You'll be able to gain more frogs as you play but, be careful, players must use lily pad effects such as the Alligator to the left to remove both lily pads and frogs from the pond.

The game has been a TON of fun to work on and I'm super excited to bring this out into the world! What sort of freshwater creatures would you like to see in a game about frogs, ponds, and all sorts of swampy conditions?

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